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What is my Favorite piece of Jewelry from Octagon Jewelry?

I´m often asked what my favourite piece of jewelry is from Octagon. It´s a very hard question because obliously I love every piece because I designed and made it, BUT I´ll try! 
After some thought I would have to say the Ocagon Classic Necklace and the Octagon Earrings. They are actually the foundation of the layering of jewelry I do every day. I say "almost" because some days I have to switch it up a little. 
So I start with the Octagon Classic Necklace and Earrings in Gold. That is my base and then I layer on top other necklaces. I mix together our necklaces from the Octagon Jewelry Collection and the Trophy Wife Collection.
Octagon Classic Jewelry Necklace
Then if I´m feeling extra GLAM that day I will put on The Octagon Bracelet and another one from The Trophy Wife Collection. 
Octagon Jewelry Bracelet Trophy Wife Collection Money Bag Bracelet
Then it all depents on how I wake up that day. One day I like a very minimalistic look and another day I pile on everything! That is what I love about jewelry, it´s a medium to express yourself.
What is your favourite piece of jewelry and how do you like to style it?
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Have a Great Day!


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